Painting a Ladybird with Acrylic (Ladybug!)

Painting a Ladybird with Acrylic

Slide view of prentation

Painting a Ladybird Example PagesPainting a Ladybird with Acrylic is a download that has everything you need to support your students with learning how to paint with acrylic.  This download includes:

  • A step-by-step guide within a 9 slide PowerPoint. (Pictured above). Talk this through with students before they start.  The text is editable, so you can change the word ‘Ladybird’ to ‘Ladybug’ should you wish.
  • The same images on a two-page step-by-step worksheet that supports students whilst they work.  There are two version: one with the spelling ‘Ladybird’ and one with the spelling ‘Ladybug’.
  • A high-resolution image of a ladybird to work from.

There are more painting resources and insects resources on The Arty Teacher website.


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