Drawing Dilapidated Boats Home or Hybrid Learning US

Dilapidated Boats

drawing dilapidated boats

There is a US and a UK version of ‘Drawing Dilapidated Boats’ to account for the different use of the words ‘tone’ and ‘value’.

Drawing dilapidated boats has been made for home learning or hybrid teaching.  This download is a 6-page PDF (pictured above).  It shows students boat inspired artworks by successful artists and asks students to create their own research page on artists who have drawn or painted boats.  It goes on to asks students to create 3 drawings and gives them a choice of media.  Students have 3 pages of boats to refer to.  There is a one-column assessment rubric pictured on the last page so that students know how you will assess them.  Included in the download is a document containing this one-column assessment rubric. You can use it yourself or ask students to self-assess their work.

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