Cezanne Unit of Work


This comprehensive bundle of resources includes everything you need to run a super-engaging Cezanne project. The ‘Lesson by Lesson’ document includes lesson objectives, tasks, keywords, resources needed and homework. This is a one page document which lets you know where you are up to at a glance.

Also included is an 11 slide presentation (including many more images) which looks at:

  • An introduction
  • His early religious work
  • Cezanne and Pissarro
  • What he painted
  • Landscapes
  • Still Lifes
  • His Death

The presentation includes a script that can be printed off, turning you into the instant expert with questions!

5 Grid Drawings of Cezanne’s painting. These could be worked into with any media but the unit of work suggest oil pastels. Having 5 to choose from gives students choice which is always good for engagement.

The Cezanne Venn Diagram makes it easy to include Maths & Literacy into a single lesson! It’s not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for analysis you are doing just that. Pupils write about each picture and then in the middle of the diagram write what the similarities between the two artworks are. Simple!

Students can self-assess themselves on completion of this project. The worksheet asks them to list equipment and keywords, to list three things they were good at and one they could improve on, and to also list transferable skills. (e.g. resilience, patience etc) Excellent to evidence self-assessment in their sketchbook!


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