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Zentangles Sub Lesson

Zentangles Sub Lesson

This zentangles sub lesson asks students to carefully copy the patterns that they can see in the boxes.

Complementary Colors / Colours

This worksheet is ideal to introduce or consolidate learning complementary colors.  There are two versions of the worksheet - one with the spelling 'colour' and one with 'color'.  A lesson plan is included should...

Drawing Close-Ups of Fruit

This drawing fruit worksheet is a must have for fruit and vegetable projects.  High-resolution images work well in colour and when photocopied into black and white.  Use it as a sub lesson or integrate it...

Characterful Faces – Hogarth

Your students will be inspired by the characterful faces in Hogarths engravings!  This worksheet and lesson plan asks students to create a page of detailed drawings inspired by the faces they can see on...

Analogous colors

Teaching Analogous Colors is easy with this worksheet that asks students to color in using three analogous colors from the color wheel.  Simple and effective! Click here for Color Art Resources

3 Drawing Sub Lesson Plans

This packet of drawing sub lessons pulls together 3 of my most popular drawing sub/cover lessons.  The beetle, chocolate and backbone drawing lessons give you a great variety to choose from. Each comes with a...


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