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Angie Lewin Artist

Three useful worksheets to complement any Angie Lewin Project. The first worksheet I use to get my class to work in different media in the four different boxes e.g. hot colours, cold colours, blending, pencil...

Peer Marking and Self-Assessing a Watercolor (& Watercolour)

Your students can peer mark or self-assess their watercolor work with this clear and easy to follow resource.  They simply answer the questions when reviewing their work. You will receive two versions of this resource when...

Vincent Van Gogh

A comprehensive presentation covering many aspects of Van Gogh life and works. There is a script included with questions to engage your learners.  Allow 10 - 15 minutes. There are 15 slides on the following: Introduction,...

Converse Shoe Grid Drawing

Encourage beautiful drawing with this converse grid drawing. Ideal as part of any drawing module or this would make an excellent homework or cover lesson to improve drawing skills. There are two versions of this...

Art Literacy Mat – Writing About Art

Use this literacy mat to support writing about art. Simply ask your students to write a sentence about each of the categories e.g. line, tone/value, texture etc using the adjectives provided. This has been...

Drawing Self-Assessment

A drawing self-assessment worksheet for summative self-assessment.  This visually appealing one-page drawing self-assessment resource, is for students to self-assess their work at the end of a drawing project. The sheet asks them to write...


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