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Cupcake Grid Drawings

Teach your students the drawing skills they need with these 3 appealing cupcake grid drawings.  There are two versions of each resource.  One with the grid in place and one where there are tiny...
Rosa Parks Grid Drawing

Black History Month – Rosa Parks Grid Drawing

Use this Rosa Parks grid drawing to engage your students with Black History Month.  There are two versions of this resource, one with the grid in place and one where students use the tiny...

8 Car Grid Drawings

Engage your students, especially boys, with these 8 car grid drawings.  Encourage detailed, tonal drawing.  Cars range from super-cars to characterful old rust buckets! There are many more grid drawings on The Arty Teacher.

Martin Luther King Grid Drawing

Get creative on Martin Luther King day or for Black history month with this Martin Luther King grid drawing. There are two versions of the grid drawing.  One with the grid in place and one...

Christmas Holly Grid Drawings

3 Christmas holly grid drawings.  Don't be a Grinch!  When your class asks if you're going to be doing something Christmassy, say yes!  With this resource, you get 3 different grid drawings and two...

Mona Lisa Grid Drawing

This comprehensive Mona Lisa grid drawing comes with the following: A worksheet that explains the process your students should go through and introduces the term 'artist analysis'.  This worksheet includes a line drawing and...


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