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Graffiti Stencils

Graffiti stencils are a set of words in a 'stencil' font, that are ideal to cut out and use as stencils with your students.  There are 11 words and each comes in three different...

Graffiti Slogans

This download includes 11 pages of different Graffiti slogans which use appropriate graffiti fonts.  Each slogan is taken from a real piece of Graffiti artwork. Each font is an outline, so it is suitable...

Pointillism Eye Unit of Work

This creative Pointillism Eye unit of work, teaches students about Pointillism, Seurat and optical mixing. It includes everything you need. It starts with Students looking at a PowerPoint on Pointillism focusing on Seurat. (16 slides)...

20 Street Artists Every Art Teacher Should Know

This simple resource gives you a useful list of well-known street artists. Ideal for street art and graffiti projects. Register on The Arty Teacher to access 3 free resources a month or to buy individual resources –...


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