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Features of the Face

Drawing portraits is on most art curriculums.  These 4 pages of 'features of the face' can be used as a sub lesson or will really advance your students drawing within a portrait project.  They...

Lizard Mark Making

These appealing lizards are ideal to teach mark making. 4 different resources give you lots of options. Lizards Mark Marking This resource shows your students lovely lizards and has lots of boxes to copy the marks...

Tone Worksheet – Teaching Drawing Skills

I have used this more than any of my other worksheets! This is a brilliant sheet for your classes when you are first introducing the idea of tone and you want to teach some basis...

Extension Drawing Tasks for Early Finishers

These 12 tag shaped drawing tasks will give your students choice, keep them busy and provide them with a challenge. I cut them out and have them pegged to a board which makes an appealing...

Mark Making Homework

This is a classic homework which asks your students to create a page of mark making.  There is an A4 version and I've also put 4 on a page to cut down on photocopying. ...

Texture Drawing Worksheets

Three texture worksheets showing beautiful, high-resolution photos to teach observational drawing and/or working with different media. Ideal to use to start a texture project or to use as a homework. To see more texture resources click...


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