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ammonite observational drawing

Ammonite Observational Drawing

This one-page ammonite observational drawing worksheet is ideal if you want to teach valuable drawing skills and if you are delivering a natural forms project. There are many more natural forms and drawing resources on...
Charcoal Ammonite

Charcoal Ammonite

This download teaches students how to draw a charcoal ammonite.  This download includes: A 15 slide Powerpoint (pictured above) that includes supportive step-by-step instructions on how to create a charcoal ground and how to...
Drawing Monsters

Drawing Monsters Imaginative Drawing

If drawing monsters fires their imagination, let your students draw monsters!  This download includes: A worksheet of eyes to draw monsters on. A good example of a monster in a PDF and on a...
Portrait extension tasks

4 Portrait Extension Tasks

We all teach portraits, and having some portrait extension tasks up your sleeve is a good idea.  The tasks in this download teach valuable skills and ask students to draw with pencil, coloured pencil...
Drawing Mushrooms

Drawing Mushrooms

A one-page resource for drawing close-ups of mushrooms. Improve your student's observational drawing skills. Why not work in different media? There are many drawing art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.
Drawing Feet

Drawing Feet

This one-page download 'Drawing Feet' asks students to capture the lines, curves and detail of this exciting image.  There is a version that uses the word 'tone' and also one that uses the word...


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