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How to Paint Like Monet

This one-page resource contains high-resolution details of Monet's work.  Ideal to show how he layers the paint.  Simply ask students to copy what they see. Students can either present the whole sheet in their sketchbooks...

Collage Kit

I use this collection of resources for an identity project where I photograph students and they collect images for an identity project. All these sheets supplement what they collect but also provide enough options...

Kate Malone Drawing Tasks

This is a super-useful resource sheet to complement any Kate Malone project.  Use it in class and ask your students to draw in different media, or set each one as a drawing homework which...

Pointillism Umbrella

A worksheet for students to practice mixing colors using pointillism. Inspired by all the umbrellas in Seurat's painting 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Grid Drawing

This is a one-page, versatile sunflower grid drawing, uploaded with three different titles: Observational Drawing Van Gogh Sunflowers It's hard to see from the image, but the box on the right has tiny marks so your students can...

Blossfeldt Grid Drawings

3 Karl Blossfeldt grid drawings to teach your students the drawing skills they need.  These would be ideal for natural forms projects.


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