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Van Gogh Drawings

Van Gogh Drawings. How many times have I referred to these drawings in my career? Many! Print them, laminate them, have them at hand.  Super-useful. Ideal for mark making projects and experimental drawing.

Artists Listed by Theme

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Artists listed by Theme is a page on The Arty Teacher website where artists are categorised into different groups.  It's super-useful if your students have been given an exam paper or just want...

Monet Word Search

Monet Word Seach.  Always be prepared for those students who finish early!

Hundertwasser Art Resources

A fantastic collection of resources to support your Hundertwasser units of work. This bundle includes... A page where students can create 4 Hundertwasser stamp designs or compositions. A page where students can create 6 Hundertwasser stamp...

Characterful Faces – Hogarth

Your students will be inspired by the characterful faces in Hogarths engravings!  This worksheet and lesson plan asks students to create a page of detailed drawings inspired by the faces they can see on...

Analysing an Artwork – Van Gogh

This worksheet asks students to analyze a Van Gogh drawing.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding, analysing, evaluating and creating. There are two versions of the one...


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