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Analysing an Artwork – Bedroom in Arles by Van Gogh

Analysing an artwork is a key skill for students! Teach your students how to analyse an artwork using this one-page worksheet.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher-order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding,...

Pop Art Fortune Teller – Colour & Research

This Pop Art fortune teller is a fun way to get your students to research Pop Art Facts.  After colouring and making the fortune teller, students use the internet or books to research the...

Chihuly Research Crossword

Chihuly Research Crossword.  Are you fed up with students cutting and pasting chunks from the internet and calling it research? Using a crossword puts you in control and makes students research real facts.  This...

Arcimboldo Art Analysis Venn Diagram

Archimboldo Art Analysis Venn Diagram.  This Art Venn diagram includes Art, Maths & Literacy! It’s not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for analysis...
Art Lesson Plans for Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns Watercolor and Coloured Pencil Unit

This Jasper Johns Watercolor and Coloured Pencil Unit teaches not only about the artist but also colour theory as it uses anaolgous/harmonious and complementary colours.  A stage by stage description, good examples and tips...
Grayson Perry Crossword

Grayson Perry Crossword

This Grayson Perry crossword will mean your students have to look up the facts and will prevent the type of research where they cut and paste chunks of information from the internet!  There are...


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