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Find, Find, Choose – Artist Research Hunt

Artist Research Hunt!  Ideal for home learning. This two-page art resource asks students to search for artists on the internet.  There are 9 groups of artists they need to collect.  For example 10 artist who...
Analysing an Artwork - Edvard Munch

Analysing an Artwork – Edvard Munch – Making Connections with Isolation

Analysing an Artwork - Edvard Munch Being able to analyse an artwork is a key skill for students.  I have chosen this artwork because of its lonely, sombre quality.  The last question on the worksheet...

Picasso and Paper – Questions to Accompany the Offical Virtual Tour

A recent delight has been to watch the virtual tour of the closed 'Picasso and Paper' exhibition on YouTube.  This download is a three-page question paper to accompany this virtual tour. Ideal for home...
Georgia O'Keeffe Colouring Task

Georgia O’Keeffe Colouring Task

You can use this one-page Georgia O'Keeffe colouring task in a variety of different ways. Ask students to colour it in with either flat or gradated coloured pencil. Ask students to use watercolour. Students...

Artist Research Page Do’s and Don’ts

If you get your students to create artist research pages, you will want them to avoid some common pitfalls.  All my students have this 'Artists Research Page Do's and Don'ts' stuck in the back...

Analysing an Artwork – Monet

Analysing an artwork is a key skill for students. Teach your students how to analyse an artwork using this one-page worksheet.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher-order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding,...


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