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Creating a Tonal Value Scale – Photography

'Creating a Tonal Value Scale' is a photography task that asks students to arrange objects from dark to light.  This one-page resource includes instructions and tips. There is a version for the UK and USA...

Biological Forms to Draw

Biological Forms to Draw is a free, one-page resource of biological forms.  It is great to have this download up your sleeve for your STEAM projects and to help with answering microbiology exam questions. ...

Microbiology Images for Drawing

'Microbiology Images for Drawing' is a free one-page resource that includes 9 microbiology images.  Ideal for drawing, painting and STEAM projects. When you register on The Arty Teacher you can download 3 of the resources that are...

Celtic Patterns

2 pages of celtic patterns. When you register on The Arty Teacher you can download 3 of the resources that are marked as free every month.

Development Questions in Art

Make a purposeful start to your lesson by using this 'Development Questions in Art' resource. If you run a course where students have to work independently, they can sometimes struggle to develop their own work. ...

38 Art Instagram Accounts to Follow

Wouldn't it be great to have a list of inspiring art Instagram accounts to follow?  Well, here it is!  Many of your students use Instagram, so why not encourage them to soak up more...


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