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insect artists presentation

Insect Artists

This free insect artists presentation explores 7 artists who all work in different ways.  An excellent starting point for a project.  It includes a script with questioning, making you the instant expert.  The script...

Carrie Ann Schumacher Paper Sculpture

This is a presentation about the paper dresses made by artist Carrie Ann Schumacher - an ideal artist to look at if you wish to do a paper sculpture project.  It includes a script...

Costa Magarakis Presentation

A presentation on the fantastic Costa Magarakis.  His shoes are an inspiring start for an altered shoe project.  This presentation is an introduction to the artist and you should allow 10-15 minutes to present...

Guy Denning Presentation

A presentation on artist Guy Denning.  Includes a script with questions, turning you into the instant expert! This is a great introduction to this artists. Allow 10-15 minutes to present. Thank you to Guy Denning...


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