Baseline Testing in Art

BAseline Testing in Art

baseline testing in artBaseline testing is a way of assessing your student’s ability when they first arrive in secondary school. In the UK we do this with students aged approximately 11 at the start of their first year in secondary school.  This baseline testing includes 4 tasks that they complete over 3 lessons.  The tasks don’t feel like tests and include:

  • Creating a collage to test manual dexterity.
  • A drawing task.
  • A quick spatial awareness task.
  • A creativity task.

This download includes a 14 slide Powerpoint that includes additional information for the teacher, clear instructions and good examples for the students. Included within the instructions for the teacher, is a structure to assess the tasks including a way to add weighting to an activity.  For example, if you want to give a heavier weighting towards creativity, you can do so.

Also included is a worksheet of collage pieces, a resource sheet of peppers to draw, a worksheet for the creativity task, and a mark sheet.

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