Professional Development

Professional Development for Art Teachers

Whole-school professional development often falls short for art teachers because it tends to focus on general educational strategies that may not address the unique, subject-specific needs of teaching art. Art teachers require professional development that covers specialised techniques, creative pedagogies, and artistic skill development, which are rarely the focus of broader training sessions.

Online Courses at Your Pace

Finding high-quality online professional development for art teachers is challenging due to the subject’s hands-on, experiential nature. It demands interactive and practical approaches that generic online courses typically lack. The online courses below are art-teacher-specific.

Complete Units of Work

These complete units of work are each an entire project. It’s wonderful to be able to teach new projects and to not have to spend hours and hours planning. There are many more complete art units on The Arty Teacher.

Popular Resources

I never know what resources are going to be popular.  The selection below all have received great reviews!

Art Lesson Plans for Teaching Portraits

Most art teachers teach portrait lessons at some point in the year.  Students really seem to love this topic even though it’s really difficult.  Below are three best selling portrait resources.  Click an image to learn more, or click here to see all art lesson plans about portraits.

Art Lesson Plans for Teaching Colour Theory

Color theory is easy to teach with these resources to help you.  Every resource has the different spelling of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ to keep art teachers around the globe happy!  As well as the best selling resources below, there are more color theory art resources on The Arty Teacher.  This includes resources that help teach about harmonious, analogous and complementary colours.

Engage Boys in Art Lessons

Art teachers have told me that boys have really engaged with the resources below. Of course, many girls would enjoy them too.

Art Lesson Plans – Art Literacy

The Arty Teacher is particularly hot on literacy resources because art literacy is integral to most art curriculum’s.  On The Arty Teacher there are resources to do this through discussion, analysis and written tasks.  Click an image below or browse Art Literacy resources.  You may be interested in art resources that incorporate Blooms Taxonomy.

Art Assessment Resources

We all have to spend a lot time marking and assessing art work.  Many of the art assessment resources on The Arty Teacher are designed to save you time.  Click the images below or here for all Art Assessment Resources.

Art Sub and Cover Lessons

The Arty Teacher prides itself in having helped hundreds of art teachers access sub/cover lessons when they need them the most.  You’ll find many of them will fit in with what you are teaching and will continue to teach your students the skills they need.  3 popular sub lessons are below or you can find lots of art sub lessons here.


Zentangles worksheets really seems to engage students.  These three resources are all on the zentangle theme.  Click on the images below, or there are more Zentangle Art Resources on The Arty Teacher.

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