Painting Bees on Wood Slices

Painting Bees on Wood Slices

Painting bees on wood slices has been a really successful art club this year.  It's pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips. To start with, I gave students a choice of bees.  I have...

Drawing with Wire

This video explores drawing with wire using a shell as a starting point.  It's an ideal video to watch with students who have never drawn with wire before.  This process reminds me of contour...

How to Clean a Paintbrush

This video ' How to Clean a Paintbrush ' is a bit of fun but has a serious message if you want to keep your sanity and your brushes clean.  I show this to...

Drawing Eyes

Drawing eyes is a task that students really seem to find engaging.  With the right encouragement and guidance, students of all abilities can find success.  There is so much detail within an eye that...

Process: Collage, Coffee and Coloured Pencils

I'm delighted to share with you this lovely experimental, step-by-step work created by Mrs Williams from Cromwell Art Department. Using collage, coffee and coloured pencils, Mrs Williams has created this artwork of 'Rupert' the cockerpoo...

How to Gradate Watercolour Video

https://youtu.be/9uyvcs6lFB0 Teaching how to gradate watercolour is a really useful skill for students to learn.  This short video makes an excellent start to a lesson and breaks down the process of gradating watercolour into 3...

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