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Painting with no Paint

New Jersey art teacher Allison Fantry isn't going to let students with no paint at home stop learning about painting.  Her recreation of Munch's 'Scream' has had an amazingly positive reaction from art teachers...

Experimental Mark Making with Coffee

Mark making with coffee is a fun activity you can do at home.  'Mark making' is an art term used to describe the lines, patterns or textures we make when we create a piece...
Painting with coffee

Painting with Coffee – Home Learning Activity

Painting with coffee is a great activity to do at home, especially if you don't have any paint.  This coffee art is inspired by looking at tree bark.  To complete this activity you are...

Collaged Letters & Numbers Activity

Hello Students, In your next two art lessons at home, your task is to create a collage of numbers and letters like the example you can see above.  You are going to need: A ruler...
Painting Bees on Wood Slices

Painting Bees on Wood Slices

Painting bees on wood slices has been a really successful art club this year.  It's pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips. To start with, I gave students a choice of bees.  I have...

10 Watercolor Art Lessons

This page features some of the most useful watercolor art lessons that are available on The Arty Teacher website.  Each one has been created by an experienced art teacher and tried and tested in...

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