Art Exams

Art Exams

If you are looking for art exams to use at KS3 or middle school or junior high, you've come to just the right place.  Below are three art exams.  A drawing art exam, a...
Attention Grabbers

Attention Grabbers aka How to Get Quiet in the Classroom

In the States they are called 'attention grabbers', here in the UK it would be part of your behaviour management strategy, but whatever you call it, ways to get your students to be quiet...
Numeracy in Art

Incorporating Numeracy in Art & Design

At some point in your art teaching career, it is likely that you will be asked for the strategies that you employ for incorporating numeracy in your curriculum. What is numeracy? Numeracy is the ability...
4 Tips for Owning Group Work as an ECT

4 Tips for Owning Group Work as an ECT

Group work is a vital tool that encourages the development of confidence, communication and collaboration. However, within Art & Design it can be challenging to manifest due to learners having individual projects or pieces....

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