10 Essential Teaching Books for Art Teachers

There are lots of teaching books for art teachers out there and my advice is read as many as you can.  We want our students to be life long learners and we should practice...

How to give a Good Demonstration in Art?

What is a good demonstration in art?  We all know that when we do a demonstration, a large percentage of the class will be able to independently complete the task immediately afterward but there...

Teaching Art Remotely – Using Technology

As soon as my daughter got a cough I, of course, had to self isolate. I was plunged in the deep end of having to embrace home learning. Luckily, my school had already been...
5 Ways to Teach Year 10 When They Return

5 Ways to Teach Year 10 When They Return to The Art Department

It’s human to worry about things that might not happen. At the moment there is a lot we don’t know. It appears likely that year 10 will be the first year group to return...
How to Build a Good Rapport with Students

How to Build a Good Rapport with Students

Knowing how to build a good rapport with students is useful knowledge and seems to come naturally to some teachers.  If this is something you'd like to develop, there are some useful tips below. Smile There...

What is Cultural Capital?

What is cultural capital? In educational terms, it refers to the bank of cultural experiences that students can gain from different cultural opportunities.  E.g. Gallery visits, historic visits, music lessons, IT skills, dance lesson...

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