10 Must-Have Art Resources for the New Academic Year

So what 10 resources on The Arty Teacher would help you make an excellent start to the new academic year?  I've listed below 10 must-have art resources that will help you feel organised for...
Modifying Our Language to Improve Behaviour and Relationships

Modifying Our Language to Improve Behaviour

Modifying our language to improve behaviour and relationships with our students should be part of our behaviour management strategy and is a useful tool to pull out of our behaviour management toolbag. I've found...
assessment for learning art starter

Assessment for Learning Art Starter

This is one way to run an assessment for learning art starter which works well with all sorts of different work e.g. drawings, paintings, prints and more.  You can also run this as a...

What is Differentiation in Art?

Differentiation in art means providing for the individual needs of the students in your art class so that they all make progress. When I was training to be an art teacher I found differentiation to...

Classroom Seating Plans

I have tried all sorts of classroom seating plans for lots of different reasons over the years and I thought I would share some of them with you.  It's all too easy to start...

Free GCSE Assessment Objective Posters

I'm delighted to show you these 'GCSE Assessment Objective Posters' made by art teacher Miranda Pennington.  You can find Miranda on Twitter @mirapennington  and also her school twitter account @strichardsart where there is lots...

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