What is Cultural Capital?

What is cultural capital? In educational terms, it refers to the bank of cultural experiences that students can gain from different cultural opportunities.  E.g. Gallery visits, historic visits, music lessons, IT skills, dance lesson...

How Planning & Reflection Is Key To Happiness

This blog post offers practical ideas for how to be a happier Art Teacher.  You used to love it right?  You did all that training to become an Art Teacher with such enthusiasm, but...

Is Enthusiasm a Teaching Strategy?

Enthusiasm is a teaching strategy. It helps to engage learners, stimulate discussion and also goes a long way to help maintain discipline. I was recently asked to speak to a trainee teacher about how...
Differentiation in Art

Differentiation in Art

In the summer I was asked by the Art Education Association of New Jersey to contribute some professional development for their members about differentiation in art, so I created the video below.  This was...
Strategies for Art Students Who Work Slowly

Strategies for Art Students Who Work Slowly

When I started writing this post about strategies for art students who work slowly, I was purely thinking of those students who produce amazing work but work painfully slowly.  However, when I put a plee...

10 Must-Have Art Resources for the New Academic Year

So what 10 resources on The Arty Teacher would help you make an excellent start to the new academic year?  I've listed below 10 must-have art resources that will help you feel organised for...

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