4 Tips for Managing Art Group Work

Managing art group work can be a challenge and seem like more trouble than it's worth.  How can you assess a single student when it's group work? What are you assessing them on?  What...

4 Easy Art Starter Activities for Zoom

The ideas below are all easy art starter activities for zoom.  Many of us are zooming away every lesson and it's good to have some new ideas to keep things fresh and students engaged. Students...
Giving Neurodiverse Students A Voice in The Arts

Giving Neurodiverse Students A Voice in The Arts

Giving neurodiverse students a voice in the arts should be part of what we do.  The Arts are often safe spaces for students with specific learning disorders and mental health conditions to express themselves...
Differentiation in Art

Differentiation in Art

In the summer I was asked by the Art Education Association of New Jersey to contribute some professional development for their members about differentiation in art, so I created the video below.  This was...
using showbie in art lessons

5 Ways to Use Showbie for Art Lessons

Using Showbie for art lessons is a solution for online learning.  I have found Showbie is the perfect platform for art teachers as for each child you can see a progression of their work...
Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons present a whole new challenge for teachers.  I can’t think of a subject more difficult to teach using Zoom than art.  Additionally, I can’t think of another subject where more one-to-one teaching...

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