Tasks to Set Art Students if your School Closes

It seems possible that schools might close and teachers will be expected to keep teaching.  It appears that most schools have already had meetings to train their teachers on VLE's, Google Classroom and my...

Watercolor Art Lessons

This page features some of the most useful watercolor art lessons that are available on The Arty Teacher website.  Each one has been created by an experienced art teacher and tried and tested in...
websites every art teacher should know

Websites Every Art Teacher Should Know

There are lots of websites out there that are useful to art teachers and below is a collection that I think every art teacher should know.  You might be looking for inspiring artists to...
Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangles really do engage students and below is a great selection of Zentangle art lessons that you can use with your art students. Zentangles Feathers 'Zentangles Feathers' is a popular lesson and gives students three feathers...

Christmas Gift Ideas for Art Lovers!

If you are looking for some Christmas gift ideas for art lovers, look no further.  There is something for everyone below: art materials, beautiful arty scarfs, cool cooler bags and more... It doesn't get much...

Art Themes to Explore in GCSE & iGCSE

If you are looking for art themes to explore in GCSE or iGCSE lessons, the huge list below is a great starting point.  Thank you to art teacher Annie Chapman for this amazing list. ...

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