Art Themes to Explore in GCSE & iGCSE

If you are looking for art themes to explore in GCSE or iGCSE lessons, the huge list below is a great starting point.  Thank you to art teacher Annie Chapman for this amazing list. ...

Color Art Resources for Teaching Colour Theory

Color Art Resources - Color Theory How to teach colour theory?  It's a big question and one all art teachers need to know the answer to. There are so many different ways to do it....
Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangles really do engage students and below is a great selection of Zentangle art lessons that you can use with your art students. Zentangles Feathers 'Zentangles Feathers' is a popular lesson and gives students three feathers...

Which Art Apron?

As you head back to school you might be planning on treating yourself to a new art apron.  I don't know of an art teacher who hasn't ruined an item of clothing at some...
websites every art teacher should know

Websites Every Art Teacher Should Know

There are lots of websites out there that are useful to art teachers and below is a collection that I think every art teacher should know.  You might be looking for inspiring artists to...

Christmas Art Lessons & Projects

I love it when students don't realise they're learning.  When they walk through the door in the few weeks before Christmas and say 'Are we doing something fun' or 'Can we do something Christmassy',...

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