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Is it just me, or do you love looking at awesome student drawing?  It’s so inspiring to see the high standards some students work to and of course, you can get great ideas on what to suggest to your own students.  It didn’t take me long to find all the fantastic drawing below that teachers were posting on social media.  Thank you to the following teachers for permission to post their students work.

Art Teacher Suzy Smith has been drawing shoes with her freshmen – looking at close-ups.  Look at this detail!  You can follow Suzy on twitter @suzysmithlsw

(I have some great ‘close-ups of shoes’ drawing resources on The Arty Teacher)

Kristine Emerson, an Art Teacher in Korea, has posted these pen portraits on twitter.  Just click on them to see them bigger and take in all the awesome detail.  They include some really effective crosshatching.  She has some talented students!  You can follow Kristine on twitter @kjackemerson or Instagram Ms.emerson_art

Any student who tackles ‘hands’ is a bit of a super-star as they are so tricky, especially if they do them as well as Nicole here!  Different media and techniques on one page.  Love it.  Follow chancellorartdept on Instagram, they often post fantastic work.

The students of Emily Pitchford are showing some real talent! This first portrait drawing prompted her say ‘This is when I remember why I love my job’.  I can see why.  The birds below are also by one of Emily’s students and are by a student in Yr 11, so about 14/15 years old. This one page with so many detailed, tonal birds on must have taken ages.  You can follow Emily on twitter @Pitchford_emily

I couldn’t resist this drawing of a rope where every line describes the form.  This is from @geneseo_art, and with this drawing were lots of photos of students with dramatically lit still lifes.  I always think about good lighting when photographing but this has served as a reminder of what good lighting can do for an observational drawing.

The drawing below, posted by @csschargers caught my eye because there is so much detail and the eye is drawn to different areas of the page.  Student Baikey Maciver, has worked to a consistently high standard.  I’d love to know if they worked from life or from a photograph.  Either way, it’s brilliant!

This drawing posted by @USCHSArtDept shows Edens fantastic pencil drawing which I think has an appealing mark-making quality to it.  It’s always impressive to see a drawing that has clearly taken a long time.

The pine cone below is by one of my students – Phoebe.  She drew this at the end of last year aged 14.  I’m delighted with all the detail and tones that she has included and it serves as a great reminder that something as simple as a pine cone can produce awesome student drawing! I can’t wait to see what she goes on to do.

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