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This is one way to run an assessment for learning art starter which works well with all sorts of different work e.g. drawings, paintings, prints and more.  You can also run this as a plenary if you prefer.  You need students to be mid-way through of piece of work for this to be effective.

Write on three bits of paper ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’.  Place these on three different tables.  You may want to rearrange the furniture in your room to do this, so that the tables are in a row and easy for students to gather around.


Remind students of the assessment objects for this piece of work or ask what they think are the criteria for this piece of work to be successful.  (For example, for a drawing it might be accurate shape, lots of detail and a range of tones/values) Ask students to place their work on one of the tables.  Give students some time to do this.


Ask students why they have placed their artwork where they have.  Choose individual students to answer this question.  Ask a few students this question and then ask other students if they have anything to add.  This is a great opportunity to encourage the use of subject-specific language.  Go to each table.

Next, at the ‘Good’ table, ask students what they would need to add/do, to get their artwork onto the ‘Very Good’ table.

At the ‘Very Good’ table, asks students what they would need to do to get their artwork onto the ‘Excellent’ table.

At the ‘Excellent’ table ask students how they would improve their work.

Students now should all have a clear idea of how to improve their artwork.  Fantastic!  As the lesson progresses work your way around the room discussing what they are doing to improve their work.

I hope you have found this assessment for learning art starter useful.  There are more Art Pedegogy blog posts on The Arty Teacher.  There are also lots of useful art starter activities.

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