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Chiaroscuro by Antonia

Antonia is a British student who completed this project aged 16 as part of her AS Level qualification.  She was given the theme of 'Chiaroscuro' as a starting point. She started by looking at the work of South African artist Solly Smook. She created an artist analysis...

Close-Ups Painting Project

Students had a choice of different starting points.  Jess, aged 16 chose the theme 'Close-Ups'. Above, on her title page, Jess has shown a wide range of artists that have created close-ups.  Jess then decided to concentrate on Domenico Gnoli.  Presenting pictures of his work...

The Portrayal of Women in Art & the Media

This outstanding unit of work was completed by Eleanor (Age 15).  It started with the artist Adele Carney visiting the school and working with Year 10 for a full day.  The pupils were really inspired by her work which broached controversial issues such as...

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