East Midlands, United Kingdom

Dean Allen

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A Level




Clay is a humble material to make sculptures from. However with clay, if you can think of something you can usually find a way to make it. It lends itself to the imagination with flair and ease. It is my voice and absolute passion. I find that children and in fact even grown ups very often share my enthusiasm. A common statement being 'why don't more people know about this?' These days, as an artist, my favoured form of expression is the human figure, my works ranging in scale from small to large. Often times these figures will recall the natural world. I use myth and metaphor to create imaginative visual interpretation of my inner personal experiences, story narrative and wider world events; my works are to some extent autobiographical but at the same time it is my sincere intention that they speak and convey universally to others. I have loved working with various people and groups over the years. To date I have been a secondary art teacher, also an artist working in schools - this on many occasions, and in many contexts, here in the U.K and Australia. From 2015 onwards I have taught adults from my home studio, and sometimes more widely, on a part time basis. This whilst also producing sculptures for sale, or just for the sheer joy of making art. It is so very important for me personally to be creative, I believe wholeheartedly in sharing this joy with others. My determined aim is inspire and enable people of all ages to think of art as something that is meant for them. As an artist in your school I would offer support and guidance on getting the most out my visit. At the same time I feel that it is always important for me to work closely and collaboratively with the teachers' aims and wishes.

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Experience in Schools

Since completing my PCGE training in 2007, I have worked within a range of schools and in different capacities; from art specialist secondary art teacher teaching to VCE (college level) in Australia (2008/9) and more recently as primary art specialist in the U.K (Mansfield Notts 2017). Throughout my career, and when not fully employed in schools, I have enjoyed working as a visiting artist to numerous schools, both here in the U.K and Australia. My most recent visit was to Crich Carr School Derbyshire in 2023 where the group made fantastical and comical clay birds. This was related to a unit on environmental issues/ tropical wildlife.

Areas I Cover

East Midlands

Max Group Size

30 students


  • BA. Ceramics (Hons), RMIT University. Melbourne. Aus. 2001
  • PCGE, University of Southern Queensland, 2007
  • Exhibitions

  • 'In The Making,' Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne, Vic. Aus. 2001
  • 'Fireworks,' Birds Gallery, Melbourne, Vic. Aus. 2007
  • Featured Artist, Forest Stone Edge Gallery, Vic. Aus. 2011
  • Featured Artist, Patchings Art Centre, Notts. U.K. 2017
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