Art Home Learning

The resources on this page were created during the pandemic to help art teachers with distance learning and then hybrid learning. You will find art projects that can be emailed home, art packs that can be printed and given to students or printed at home by students and free resources and blog posts.

Art Projects that can be Emailed or Uploaded

Home or Hybrid – No Need to Print

Printable Packs – Home or Hybrid

You Print or Students Print at Home

Free Online Art Lessons


Free Support & Advice for Art Home Learning


This home learning page was created as a result of school closures due the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 certainly created a unique set of challenges for art teachers. Whether you call it art home learning, art online learning, or art distance learning, this page is a great page to bookmark. In my mind, art online learning is completed online. For example, students might complete a quiz online or complete maths online. Distance learning makes me think of courses that are completed by adults over a long period of time, but this might just be me. After much thought, I chose to call this page ‘Home Learning’.