10 Must-Have Art Resources for the New Academic Year

By The Arty Teacher - June 26, 2019

So what 10 resources on The Arty Teacher would help you make an excellent start to the new academic year?  I’ve listed below 10 must-have art resources that will help you feel organised for the year ahead.  Each resource is only £3 or $3 however each resource becomes just cents or pennies when you subscribe to The Arty Teacher.  A subscription lets you download 10 every resources a month.

Will you be giving your art room a make-over for next academic year? This collection of display signs will really give your room a bright, organised & arty feel! It’s great to start the new year with a new look!

If you have a new class that you haven’t taught before, you may not know what they have done the year before.  This prior learning resource is simple for your students to fill in and will give you a complete picture of what your students have done.
prior learning in art and design

I like every student to have a glossary in the back of their sketchbook or in their art folder.  I use it throughout the year to help embed literacy and it usually gets handed out the first lesson I see students.  The resource below gives you the choice of 4 different glossaries.  You might have a favourite or use different glossaries with different year groups.

art glossary

How do you instil a growth mindset in art?  How do you prevent the cry of ‘I can’t draw!’ reverberating around your classroom?  This Growth Mindset resource is just what you need.  It should be compulsory!

Growth Mindset

There is no doubt in my mind that at some point during the year my classes will assess their own drawing.  You get two resources in one with the download below as there is a self-assessment sheet and a peer assessment sheet – you can choose what you want your student to do. Fab!

Who doesn’t end up teaching portraits at some point in the year?  It’s an essential. This resource has really made learning about the proportions of the face much, much easier.  With a blank grid to work on students can concentrate on getting things in place and improving the quality of their drawing.  Perfect.

Proportions of the face

Proportions of the Face

I wouldn’t be without my colour wheel; a good knowledge of colour theory really helps students improve their work.  This free resource is available to download when you register.  I use it with students of all ages all the time.  Essential!

Free Color Wheel

I love having these Blooms question cards to hand.  You can use them to analyse any artwork and they are great for group / collaborative work.  This resource also includes my one page resource which is a ‘Blooms Questioning for Art’ which is great to have in your department handbook and to attach to lesson plans.

Blooms Taxonomy for Art Revised

Most art teachers organise a gallery visit at some point.  It’s wonderful for our students to see artworks first hand.  This ‘Gallery Visit’ resource asks students to analyse an artwork.  It breaks the task down into manageable chunks and can be used with any artwork.  Dynamite!

I find students love getting into a good discussion about art, but how do you keep that discussion on track and so that every student gets to contribute?  This ‘Talking About Art’ activity does just that and can be used as a starter or for a whole lesson.

Talking About Art

I’m certain that you can see that these resources would be used again and again in your classroom.  You can buy them individually by clicking on an image or for even better value why not look into a subscription?

register on the arty teacher

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The Arty Teacher

Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. She is a high school art teacher in the North West of England. She strives to share her enthusiasm for art by providing art teachers around the globe with high-quality resources and by sharing her expertise through this blog.

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