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Drawing Ballet Shoes

Drawing Ballet Shoes

'Drawing Ballet Shoes' is a download that includes 3 worksheets containing high-resolution images of ballet shoes.  Ideal to teach detailed, observational drawing. There are lots of drawing shoes art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.

Ballet Shoes Drawing

Ballet Shoes Grid Drawings

4 Ballet shoes grid drawings showing beautiful pictures of ballet shoes, two of which are new ballet shoes, one old ballet shoes and one is a close-up. There is a grid to draw on, as pictured above, and also a worksheet where students draw their own lines. There are lots...

assessing group work

Assessing Group Work

This 'Assessing Group Work' download provides a simple way for you to assess group work as it is happening. It is an editable work document so you can add students names. Read the blog post here on 4 tips to manage group work. When you register on The Arty Teacher you...

Collage Techniques and Processes

Collage Techniques and Processes

Collage Techniques & Processes is a Powerpoint that shows your students 9 different ways to collage.  It shows: cut and torn edges, layering, glueing down and peeling back layers, using text, found papers, adding paint, two sorts of weaving and photomontage.  (Of course, you can omit any slide that you...

Photography Rubric - Abstraction

Photography Rubric – Abstraction

This is a photography rubric to use alongside the chapter 'Abstraction' in the photography book 'Open Aperture'.  You can read more and find out where to buy this book here.  This download is for a two-page rubric (pictured above) that assesses students on their 'Knowledge and Understanding', 'Thinking/Inquiry', 'Application' and...

Exit Tickets The Elements of Art

Exit Tickets – The Elements of Art

These Exit Tickets for the Elements of Art give you 4 ways to test your students understanding.  One ticket asks them to circle the Elements of Art.  Another, simply to list them.  The next, asks students to match the Element of Art with its definition.  Finally, students are asked what...

Photographing and Drawing Texture Cover

Photographing & Drawing Texture – Hybrid or Distance Learning

This ‘Photographing & Drawing Texture’ download asks your students to take photographs of texture, draw a grid and then draw their photos in the grid.  There is no need for students to print this as they can view it on a computer or device and follow the instructions.  Allowing one...

mark making animals

Mark Making Animals

Mark Making Animals!  These delightful animal images by illustrator Olga Gamynina are ideal for teaching your students mark making.  This download includes: A page with 4 images and information about Olga Gamynina. 3 worksheets where students complete the missing half of the animal. This is ideal to use when you...

Art Exam

Art Exam – Analysing an Artwork

This one-page art analysis worksheet is intended to be used for an exam to test your student's ability to analyse an artwork.  You choose which artwork you would like them to analyse and then the editable questions ask students about colour, texture, composition, media, subject and mood. There are now...

Petri Dish Images

Petri Dish Images for Art Projects

This 29 slide presentation of Petri dish images for art projects, is full of beautiful Petri dish images that are beautiful to draw or paint.  Ideal for your STEAM art projects or you may want this to work alongside the Klari Reis presentation that is free to download from this...


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Ben Heine

Ben Heine Presentation

This free Ben Heine presentation is the official, artist-approved, presentation.  I’d like to thank Ben...

Robin Brooks: Collage Landscapes

Thank you to visual artist Robin Brooks for sharing her artwork and ethos with art...

Textile Artist Cas Holmes Presentation

I'm delighted to make available to you the official, artist-approved, presentation on textile artist Cas...

Cristina Troufa Presentation

This free presentation about Portuguese painter Cristina Troufa is the official, artist approved, presentation.  I'd...


Draw the Kiwi Slice

Draw the Kiwi Slice in Coloured Pencil Sub Lesson

Draw the Kiwi Slice sub lesson asks student's to create an accurate observational drawing of...

Art Lettering Cover/Sub Lesson

Art Lettering Cover/Sub Lesson

A versatile art lettering cover/sub lesson that can be used in lots of ways.  The...

Cross Hatching Burger

Cross Hatching Burger Sub/Cover Lesson

Cross Hatching Burger This one-page resource with lesson plan asks students to practise creating tones/values...

The Knot Challenge – A Drawing Challenge Sub/Cover Lesson

This is a drawing challenge for your students!  The knot challenge asks your students to...