Christmas Frottage Art Lesson

Christmas Frottage Art Lesson

This Christmas frottage art lesson will teach your students what frottage is and that even layers of paper from a collage can create a frottage.  This resource encourages students to experiment with different colour combinations before they create a final Christmas artwork. This download includes: A 5-slide PowerPoint presentation (Pictured...

Ammonite Collagraph Printing Unit of Work

This comprehensive ammonite collagraph printing project asks students to: Research the artist Glen Alps who is the artist credited with inventing collagraphy. Create a collagraph inspired by an ammonite. Print the collagraph. Work into a ghost print with different media. This download includes: A 17 slide PowerPoint that includes step-by-step...

Drawing Features of the Face From Magazines

Drawing Features of the Face From Magazines

Have you always wanted to do one of those cool pages you see on Pinterest where students draw from magazines like the example above? Only when you look through magazines you can't find enough images for a class?  This download is the solution.  It includes: The fantastic example above with...

3D Spheres

With this 3D Spheres art lesson, it is easy to teach that tone/values can give the illusion that a flat surface has form.  Included in this download is: A worksheet with 4 blank spheres for students to work on.  There is a version that uses the word 'Tone' and a...

Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media

Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media

Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media is a one-page resource that includes three different tasks.  Using the high-definition photos on the worksheet, students are asked to draw using pencil, coloured pencil and pen. Use this resource again and again as students work on paper or in sketchbooks rather than on...

Complete the Vintage Butterflies

Complete the Vintage Butterflies

This complete the vintage butterflies resources is, not only beautiful but will fit in with your insect, animal or symmetry projects.    

Observational Drawing of a Snail

Observational Drawing of a Snail

Students create an observational drawing of a snail on this one-page worksheet.

Drawing Snails

Drawing Snails

The contour lines of the shells and the fluid lines of their textural bodies, make drawing snails an irresistible lesson with so many learning opportunities.  This two-page download includes 7 high-resolution images of snails. There are hundreds of drawing art lessons and many animal art resources on The Arty Teacher...

Complete the Messerschmidt

Complete the Messerschmidt

This one-page download, asks students to complete the missing half of the Messerschmidt sculpture.  If you are teaching expressive portraits, this resource is ideal. There are lots of portrait resources on The Arty Teacher website.

Collaborative Autumn Leaves Artwork

Collaborative Autumn Leaves Artwork

With this collaborative autumn leaves artwork, students work in groups with each student drawing a piece of the picture which combines to create a large artwork.  The lesson plan suggests you use watercolour and/or coloured pencil but you can, of course, use whatever media you like.  This resource comes in...


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Klari Keis Presentation

Klari Reis Presentation

This is the official, artist-approved, presentation about the work of artist Klari Reis.  Famous for...

Ben Heine

Ben Heine Presentation

This free Ben Heine presentation is the official, artist-approved, presentation.  I’d like to thank Ben...

Robin Brooks: Collage Landscapes

Thank you to visual artist Robin Brooks for sharing her artwork and ethos with art...

Textile Artist Cas Holmes Presentation

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Draw Patterns in the Leaf

Draw Patterns in the Leaf

With this one-page download students draw patterns in the leaf.  They can use the example...

Emergency Sub Lesson

Emergency Sub / Cover Lesson

If you're looking for an emergency sub lesson, this just might be just what you're...

Gradating Lilies art sub lesson

Gradating Coloured Pencils – Lilies

Students practice gradating coloured pencils with this useful cover/sub lesson that links well with natural...

Draw the Kiwi Slice

Draw the Kiwi Slice in Coloured Pencil Sub Lesson

Draw the Kiwi Slice sub lesson asks student's to create an accurate observational drawing of...