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Distorted Eye Grid Drawing

Distorted Eye Grid Drawing

This one-page download asks students to create a distorted eye grid drawing. It is an excellent introduction to how a grid can be used to distort an object and could be used as a stand-alone task or to link to surrealism projects. This download includes two pages, the grid worksheet...

Magazine Weaving

Magazine Weaving for Remote Learning

This magazine weaving resource has been created for remote learning but could also be used on-screen in the classroom. Students can follow the steps above to create a weaving using a sheet of paper and strips of magazine or junk mail.  They could even include newspaper or strips of plastic...

Art Nouveau Patterns

Art Nouveau Patterns & Sketchbook Page

Three pages of Art Nouveau patterns and an example sketchbook page that students could create inspired by these pages.  This download includes: 3 Pages of Art Nouveau Patterns 1 Sketchbook page inspired by the patterns produced in different media. There are lots of pattern art resources on The Arty Teacher...

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese Paper Lanterns

This 'Chinese Paper Lanterns' download has been created in time for Chinese New Year.  It will make a wonderful display in your classroom. This download includes: Three paper lantern templates that you print onto bright paper. A lesson plan that includes useful tips and a link to a Youtube video...

Drawing Food Distance Learning

Drawing Food Distance Learning- Easy to Email – No Need to Print

'Drawing Food Distance Learning' is an updated 3-page home learning pack.  There is no need to print this resource, it can be emailed or uploaded and students work on paper at home.  They will need a pencil and coloured pencils.  Students draw the burger, biscuit and pizza slice. There is...

Colour Theory Distance Learning

Colour Theory Distance Learning

This five-page 'Colour Theory Distance Learning' project teaches students about colour theory.  Three tasks introduce them to primary, secondary, tertiary, harmonious or analogous colours and complementary colours.  There are versions for the UK and US with the different spellings of colour/color and use of harmonious/analogous.  The tasks include: Making a...

Drawing Fruit Distance Learning

Drawing Fruit Distance Learning – No Need to Print/Easy to Email

'Drawing Fruit Distance Learning' has been designed so students view it on a computer or device and complete the tasks.  No need to print! This resource asks students to complete the following but as the download is on separate pages you can pick and choose from the following, or ask...

Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

'Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained' is an illustrated, one-page resource that is ideal to use with students when first introducing these terms.  It explains these fundamental photography terms in layman's terms. There are more photography resources on The Arty Teacher website.

Surrealism Art Lesson

Surrealism Art Lesson – Dali Inspired Clock

If you are looking for a surrealism art lesson this Dali-inspired melting-clock grid drawing ticks all the boxes.  Students copy the clock into the distorted grid to create a clock that appears like it has melted, just like the clocks in Dali's famous 'The Persistence of Memory'.  This download includes...

Christmas Stippling Angel

Christmas Stippling Angel

This Christmas stippling angel is a fun end of term activity.  Students choose one of the angels to draw and them complete it using stippling.  This is a two-page resource both of which are pictured above. There are lots of Christmas Art Lessons on The Arty Teacher website.


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Textile Artist Cas Holmes Presentation

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Art Lettering Cover/Sub Lesson

Art Lettering Cover/Sub Lesson

A versatile art lettering cover/sub lesson that can be used in lots of ways.  The...

Cross Hatching Burger

Cross Hatching Burger Sub/Cover Lesson

Cross Hatching Burger This one-page resource with lesson plan asks students to practise creating tones/values...

The Knot Challenge – A Drawing Challenge Sub/Cover Lesson

This is a drawing challenge for your students!  The knot challenge asks your students to...

Draw the Butterfly

Draw the Butterfly Sub/Cover Lesson

Draw the Butterfly sub/cover lesson is a super-useful download and will link to lots of...