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Different People Grid Drawings

Different People Grid Drawings.  16 grid drawings of people from around the globe.  Different ethnicities and different ages.  Teach drawing and encourage valuable conversations about culture and diversity.  

Mark Making Portrait Unit

A complete unit of work that explores mark making and portrait drawing.  The unit includes: A stage-by-stage detailed unit of work.* Learning about the proportions of the face. Practising drawing features of the face. Looking at artists who have used mark making in their work, either through a short video or...

Proportions of the Face

Teach the proportions of the face with this easy-to-follow worksheet that clearly shows how a 'standard face' is divided up.  Your students can work directly on the blank grid, which has all the lines in place, allowing them to concentrate on drawing - or if you want them to draw their...

Drawing Word Search

A drawing word search that includes appropriate words for all aspects of drawing.  Use it as an extension task for early finishers or a bell ringer!

Roll & Create – Independent Learning Grid

How can you make your older students work independently? Turn it into a game!  This 'Roll & Create' is a dice game with an independent learning grid.  It asks students to roll a dice and choose an option from each column.  The instructions are as follows: "Roll the dice and...

L-Shaped Viewfinder

An L-shaped viewfinder is the most flexible choice of viewfinder as it doesn't limit your students to a particular rectangle or square.  It gives them the flexibility to try different dimensions.  Simply cut out the 2 L-shapes and place them over an image to select part of that image.

Eye Grid Drawing 2

Eye Grid Drawing. Excellent for teaching line, tone and detail. Perfect classwork or homework for portrait drawing projects. You get two versions of this one-page resource: One where the grid lines are already in place and a second where there are tiny marks (as the magnifying lens shows) where your...

Rose Grid Drawing

Beautiful rose grid drawing.  Ideal for improving your student's observational drawing skills and for making links to Georgia O'Keeffe. Have you seen all the Grid Drawings on The Arty Teacher?

Graffiti Slogans

This download includes 11 pages of different Graffiti slogans which use appropriate graffiti fonts.  Each slogan is taken from a real piece of Graffiti artwork. Each font is an outline, so it is suitable for shading.  Also included is the 'good example' of pencil shading, pictured above, to show your...

Artists Listed by Theme

Artists listed by Theme is a page on The Arty Teacher website where artists are categorised into different groups.  It's super-useful if your students have been given an exam paper or just want to research a theme. Find it here: Artists Listed by Theme You can also find this page under...


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Insect Artists

This free presentation explores 6 insect artists who all work in different ways.  An excellent...

Carrie Ann Schumacher Paper Sculpture

This is a presentation about the paper dresses made by artist Carrie Ann Schumacher -...

Grayson Perry Presentation

A presentation on the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry.  This includes a script turning you...

Costa Magarakis Presentation

A presentation on the fantastic Costa Magarakis.  His shoes are an inspiring start for an...


Drawing Close-Ups of Fruit 2

This drawing fruit worksheet is a must have for fruit and vegetable projects.  High-resolution images...

Feathers Zentangles

A wonderfully appealing zentangles exercise where students fill in the feathers with different zentangles.  This resource...

Zentangles Sub Lesson

Zentangles Sub Lesson

This zentangles sub lesson asks students to carefully copy the patterns that they can see...

Complementary Colors / Colours

This worksheet is ideal to introduce or consolidate learning complementary colors.  There are two versions...