Texture Resource Sheet

This texture worksheet is ideal for teaching the elements of art.  It's great to stick in a sketchbook or use as a poster.

Key Words List

You will use this Key Words list again and again.  It's a great way to help and encourage students to use a broader vocabulary in your art lessons, and a simple way to incorporate art literacy. It includes keywords for the following categories: Tone/Value Line Colour/Colour composition Form & Shape...

African Masks Packet

This African Masks packet groups together 3 super-useful resources. 40 slides of African masks to use in your classroom.  This image bank is a great starting point for a cultures project.  I took many of these photos on my trips to Tanzania. The African Resource sheet is a single page...

Paper Costume Unit of Work

This complete paper sculpture, recycling project will really have your students engaged.  Students will research the artist Carrie Ann Schumacher, creating a research page on her work in their sketchbook and also research different leaf shapes to influence their work.  They will create two designs in their sketchbook, the best...

Complete the African Masks

African Art. Complete the three African masks on this full colour, one page resource. Teaching drawing skills including tone and shading.

Drawing Shoes – Close-Ups

This one-page drawing resource will encourage your students to create detailed, tonal drawings.  Ideal for shoe, still-life or close-up projects. There are two versions of this resource: One uses the words 'color' and 'value', the other 'colour' and 'tone'.

Drawing Sweets Resource

Drawing Sweets

This drawing sweets resource could be used for a close-ups project, a food art project or just for drawing practice.  The high resolution, detailed drawings of gummy bears provide a challenge for your students.  Print in colour and ask your students to work in coloured pencil, or print in black...

Optical Triangles – End of Term Fun

This could be used as part of an Op Art project or just as some end of term fun.  Students follow the step by step guide to create triangles and then following the shading instructions to create a 3D effect. What an impressive display these would make!

African Masks

40 slides of African masks to use in your classroom.  This image bank is a great starting point for a cultures project.  I took many of these photos on my trips to Tanzania. Different cultures, drawing masks, painting masks.  3D masks.

Shade the Paintbrush – Tone / Value Activity

Ask your students to create different tones/values, going from light to dark, across the sections within the paintbrush handle. Either give your students one paintbrush to shade which would make an excellent starter, or give a student the entire worksheets and ask them to work with different mediums.  You could...


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Grayson Perry Presentation

A presentation on the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry.  This includes a script turning you...

Costa Magarakis Presentation

A presentation on the fantastic Costa Magarakis.  His shoes are an inspiring start for an...

Kehinde Wiley Presentation

This Kehinde Wiley presentation is a great way to introduce your students to this phenomenal artist. ...

Chuck Close Presentation

A presentation to introduce Chuck Close to your students.  It includes a script. Allow 10-15...


Harmonious Colors (& Colours)

This worksheet is a great way to introduce or consolidate Harmonious Colors and can be...

Drawing Cookies Cover / Sub Lesson

This excellent drawing cookies sub lesson will be great to have at your fingertips.  The...

Square Pattern Cover / Sub Lesson

A pattern based lesson where students have to divide the squares into smaller squares and...

Beetle Drawing Cover / Sub Lesson

This sub lesson, with lesson plan, gives you the choice of a color or black...