Assessing a Photograph rubric

Assessing a Photograph Rubric

This assessing a photograph rubric is essential for teaching students to assess their own photographs. I would use this with students who are new to photography. It looks at: Focus Background Composition Topic Lighting Click here to find more Photography Resources on The Arty Teacher.

Hidden Alphabet Photography Project

This is an ideal introduction to photography for younger students and offers 3 ideas for an outcome.  The 6 page PowerPoint shows how they can find letters hidden in the environment.  The last three slides suggest three project ideas which are to: Create the word 'Alphabet' Create their own name....

Urchin Art Resource Sheets

Two beautiful urchin art resource sheets with 9 different images of urchins.  Ideal for your shells or natural forms projects.

Urchin Grid Drawing

This beautiful, high-definition sea urchin shell can be printed in colour or black and white, giving you the choice of pencil or coloured pencil.  It will advance your students drawing skills as there is a good range of tones/values and it has lots of detail.  This would work well in...

Leaves Shading Art Resource

This Leaves Shading Art Resource includes 3 worksheets in different colours - black, green and autumnal, for practising shading and blending. It is great if you are looking at natural forms. A lesson plan and good example to show to your students is also included.

Draw the missing half of the Spider

This drawing spiders resource is ideal for those of you who are running insects projects.  This resource asks students to work lightly in pencil and then in pen. See all The Arty Teacher Insect Resources here.

Hundertwasser Art Resources

A fantastic collection of resources to support your Hundertwasser units of work. This bundle includes... A page where students can create 4 Hundertwasser stamp designs or compositions. A page where students can create 6 Hundertwasser stamp designs or compositions. A worksheet for experimenting with different media. A Hundertwasser inspired fonts...

Beetles – Draw the Missing Half

2 worksheets for students to draw the missing half of the beetle.  These worksheets will engage your students and teach them the drawing skills they need to progress.  Fitting into insect, animal or natural forms projects, you will use these worksheets for the rest of your career!

Beetles Art Resource

7 pages of high-resolution images of beetles.  Your students will have lots of choice and really engage with these detailed, colourful images of beetles.  What a great starting point for insect art projects!  

Complementary Colors / Colours

This worksheet is ideal to introduce or consolidate learning complementary colors.  There are two versions of the worksheet - one with the spelling 'colour' and one with 'color'.  A lesson plan is included should you wish to use this as a sub lesson. The Arty Teacher has lots of colour...


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Carrie Ann Schumacher Paper Sculpture

This is a presentation about the paper dresses made by artist Carrie Ann Schumacher -...

Grayson Perry Presentation

A presentation on the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry.  This includes a script turning you...

Costa Magarakis Presentation

A presentation on the fantastic Costa Magarakis.  His shoes are an inspiring start for an...

Kehinde Wiley Presentation

This Kehinde Wiley presentation is a great way to introduce your students to this phenomenal artist. ...


Drawing Close-Ups of Fruit

This drawing fruit worksheet is a must have for fruit and vegetable projects.  High-resolution images...

Characterful Faces – Hogarth

Your students will be inspired by the characterful faces in Hogarths engravings!  This worksheet and...

Analogous colors

Teaching Analogous Colors is easy with this worksheet that asks students to color in using...

3 Drawing Sub Lesson Plans

This packet of drawing sub lessons pulls together 3 of my most popular drawing sub/cover...