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Ammonite Coffee Art

Ammonite Coffee Art – Home, Hybrid or Distance Learning

This step-by-step guide to creating ammonite coffee art is full of tips and good advice.  This download includes: The 11-page PowerPoint presentation, pictured above. Three ammonite images for students to choose from. This resource has been created to use for distance learning or in the classroom.  These step-by-step coffee images...

Ammonites Home Learning Cover

Ammonite Art Distance Learning

Ammonite Art Distance Learning is an 8-page download, pictured above.  This art resource asks students to draw an ammonite in pencil, draw one in pen and then paint an ammonite using instant coffee of different strengths.  Clear, good examples and step-by-step images of the coffee painting, support your students to...

Choice Board portraits

Choice Board for Portraits

This is a choice board for portraits.  This download includes: A one-page choice board with 12 ideas for projects which each link to portraiture. An additional document that suggests artists that would be good to research for each choice, should you wish your students to link their project to an...

Ammonite Observational Drawing

Ammonite Observational Drawing 2

This one-page ammonite observational drawing worksheet is ideal if you want to teach valuable drawing skills and if you are delivering a natural forms project. There are many more natural forms and ammonite resources on The Arty Teacher website.

Ammonite Resource Sheet

Ammonite Resource Sheet

This one-page ammonite resource sheet features 5 beautiful images of ammonites.  Ideal for all sorts of drawing and painting projects. This is one of many ammonite art resources and natural forms resources on The Arty Teacher website.

ammonite observational drawing

Ammonite Observational Drawing

This one-page ammonite observational drawing worksheet is ideal if you want to teach valuable drawing skills and if you are delivering a natural forms project. There are many more natural forms and drawing resources on The Arty Teacher website.

Charcoal Ammonite

Charcoal Ammonite

This download teaches students how to draw a charcoal ammonite.  This download includes: A 15 slide Powerpoint (pictured above) that includes supportive step-by-step instructions on how to create a charcoal ground and how to draw with charcoal and also reductively with an eraser. A detailed lesson plan. An ammonite for...

Texture Wall Hanging

Texture Wall Hanging Unit of Work

This texture wall hanging unit of work results in students making a wall hanging like the one pictured here.  Students explore texture and experiment with a broad range of media.  They research 4 texture artists. Ideal if you are planning a recovery curriculum after the pandemic.  This download includes: A...

Drawing Monsters

Drawing Monsters Imaginative Drawing

If drawing monsters fires their imagination, let your students draw monsters!  This download includes: A worksheet of eyes to draw monsters on. A good example of a monster in a PDF and on a one-slide Powerpoint. A lesson plan that suggests a great artist to look at to inspire your...

Portrait extension tasks

4 Portrait Extension Tasks

We all teach portraits, and having some portrait extension tasks up your sleeve is a good idea.  The tasks in this download teach valuable skills and ask students to draw with pencil, coloured pencil and pastels. You can distribute them according to media or allow your students to choose.  Tasks...


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Klari Keis Presentation

Klari Reis Presentation

This is the official, artist-approved, presentation about the work of artist Klari Reis.  Famous for...

Ben Heine

Ben Heine Presentation

This free Ben Heine presentation is the official, artist-approved, presentation.  I’d like to thank Ben...

Robin Brooks: Collage Landscapes

Thank you to visual artist Robin Brooks for sharing her artwork and ethos with art...

Textile Artist Cas Holmes Presentation

I'm delighted to make available to you the official, artist-approved, presentation on textile artist Cas...


Draw Patterns in the Leaf

Draw Patterns in the Leaf

With this one-page download students draw patterns in the leaf.  They can use the example...

Emergency Sub Lesson

Emergency Sub / Cover Lesson

If you're looking for an emergency sub lesson, this just might be just what you're...

Gradating Lilies art sub lesson

Gradating Coloured Pencils – Lilies

Students practice gradating coloured pencils with this useful cover/sub lesson that links well with natural...

Draw the Kiwi Slice

Draw the Kiwi Slice in Coloured Pencil Sub Lesson

Draw the Kiwi Slice sub lesson asks student's to create an accurate observational drawing of...